Time For An Update!

We’re hard at work booking more exciting guests for the February 13th and 14th event!  Aside from the fabulous stars from Knots Landing, we’re pleased to announce the addition of the following celebrities: Richard Chamberlain, Christopher Atkins, Michael Biehn, Ron Dante, Edward Furlong, Linda Hamilton, Rita Moreno making her first ever appearance, Miguel Nunez, Robert Rusler, and Russ Tamblyn.

Check back often to see who’ll be added next!

One Response to “Time For An Update!”

  1. susan brown Says:

    i will be attending this exciting convention:) i would love to see Donny or Marie appear with the Osmonds…that would be fantastic i love the osmonds. also. could you PLEASE : get Roy Thinnes…hes a great guy and a great actor…the invaders…what a show. also could you get Kathryn Erbe from Law and order CI some of the cast because Rita Moreno was in a couple of episodes…she got great reviews of her performances. are you doing a photo opt with the stars..and how much would it cost…i love the terminator cast and knots landing cast! any chance william devane can come or don murray. thanks, I cant wait for Feb..2010…

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