More Celebrities Announced For February Event!

We’re pleased to announce the following additions to our ever-growing list of celebrity appearances:  Ahna Capri, George Chakiris, Erika Eleniak, William Forsythe, Shecky Greene, Mia St. John, Gena Lee Nolan, The Osmond Brothers, Andrew Prine, Lesley Ann Warren, and Celeste Yarnall.

Oh, and for Judy Sparow, who wrote in a few weeks ago asking for Joe Penny, you’re getting your wish.  He’s coming too!

Until next time…


9 Responses to “More Celebrities Announced For February Event!”

  1. susan hart Says:

    please see if clint walker can come, and my husband would like to see jennifer o’neill and mimi rogers, and please no cheryl ladd, as he would delay our flights back to houston as he would be cross eyed and not allowed on the plane. shelley long and kirstie alley would be awful, and kelley lebrock, no way. chad everett would be nice and richard long and linda evans, okay enough. if you are unable to get one of these, fine, substitue anne francis as she should be recovering soon, no excuses, see ya in february, we loved your last four shows, keep up the great work, susan and don hart love ya

  2. ginette gentine Says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am more than happy that Joe Penny will come in February 2010 !!!

    He is a Fantastic Actor and a Wonderful man !!! I am always more

    than happy to see him !!! I wihs him all the Best !!! God Bless you

    all !!! Ginette

  3. Robert Zarrillo Says:

    Which Osmonds will attend???????
    I second the request – if possible – for Anne Francis!

  4. ginette gentine Says:

    Dear friends,

    If you allow me, could I let you a message for Joe Penny, a friendly message of course ? I thank you in advance !!! God Bless You and
    keep you safe !!! Ginette

  5. ginette gentine Says:

    I hope you will have all a Merry Christmas !!!

    God Bless you, your Familly and Friends !!! and keep you always safe !!!


  6. ginette gentine Says:

    Dear Friends ,

    I hope you, your familly and friends are not touched by the bad weather
    in California !!! God Bless you and keep you always safe !!!


  7. ginette gentine Says:

    Dear Friends,

    I wish you all the best for the next week end !!! I am sure that your
    show will be great !!!

    Joe Penny is a Fantastic man and a Wonderful actor !!!

    God Bless you all and keep you always safe !!! ginette

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