2010’s Looking Better Every Day!

We’ve added a few more celebrities to add to our ever-growing roster for February.  Please join us as we welcome Nicole Eggert, Meg Foster, Mitzi Kapture, Donna Loren, Jill Shoelen, Caroline Williams, and Gregory Harrison to The Hollywood Show family. 

More announcements coming soon!

16 Responses to “2010’s Looking Better Every Day!”

  1. great job guys, been to the last four shows, long ways from Houston, but worth it, hope you can get Jennifer O’neill and Mimi Rogers, glad to see you leslie ann warren and donna mills, wow, would love to meet Jayne Modean and Jo Ann Harris and Anne Francis and my wife is still hoping for Chad Everett, Richard Long, and Clint Walker, thanks again and see you in February!

  2. Brad Sterner Says:

    Looks like another great show. I hope sometime down the line you can get Karen Valentine to appear at one of your shows. How appropriate a “Valentine’s Day” show would be!!!

  3. Any chance of bringing some of the 60’s Disney stars such as Hayley Mills, Dean Jones, Moochie etc. Thanks

  4. Great Job so far!! Keep it up. Since you have Michele Lee coming to the February show, any chance of bringing in some additional Love Bug people such as Dean Jones. You could include the sequals as well. Also, how about some of the great Disney Stars from the 60’s such as Jones, Hayley Mills, Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews, Fess Parker, Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran, etc. My husband would like to see a Mad, Mad, Mad World reunion. Thanks again and we’ll see you in February.

  5. The February Show looks to be starting off with a bang with who you have so far. I have a couple of requests to add to the list: Moira Kelly and DB Sweeney, Jill St. John, Connie Stevens (her plane got snowed in two years ago when I came to see her), Stockard Channing, Robert Carradine, Erica Christenson, Vivica Fox, Susan Ward, Kelly Rutherford, Cheryl Tiegs, Cheryl Ladd, Jaclyn Smith, Josie Bissett, and Mathew Modine. I know you guys are relentless in getting new folks to every show, but maybe I get lucky with some of these favorites! 😉

  6. Keith Coppage Says:

    Guys I was so impressed (I wrote you a long fan letter, hope you got it) in October, bought too much, laughed too much, made a lot of friends. It is so well run I’m afraid I’ll be a “regular.” The expense really wasn’t that much in terms of flight, hotel (and people shouldn’t bother staying anywhere else but the Marriott, those people treat you right and at a terrific price). I can’t add much to what was said above, I’d like to see any number of people there! I know you are always on the lookout for more names, is there anything we attendees can do to get some of our favorites to go? How can we spread the word that this is a first class operation? It is safe, friendly, and so well run. If we can do anything to help the process, please pass the info along! And I for one will see you in Feb!

  7. susan hart Says:

    yeah, thanks for james darren, moon doggie, how about karen valentine, caryn richman, a little gidget reunion, keep up the great work !! hope anne francis is feeling better, clint walker ?? if leslie n comes back, a forbidden planet reunion, hope russell the professor is feeling better and alan young also, they both missed, burbank show will be good for them, tina louise ?? thanks for having shelley hack, maybe kate jackson, the bond girls were great, but missed lynn holly johnson, britt ekland and a few others that attend, maybe pj soles, lara parker, ann margret and finally stefanie powers schedule may work out, great job guys see you in february, susan and ps my husband would still love to meet mimi rogers, jayne modean, and jennifer o’neill – I don’t know if he could handle it

  8. There was a rumor before the October show that you were getting Hayden Panatierre to come to that show. As it didn’t pan out, is there a shot at getting her for February? Also, what about a reunion of the cast of Tombstone?
    Can’t wait till February!

    • Tim –

      Hayden was supposed to be our guest in February and can’t make it, so hopefully she’ll be available in April. In the meantime, look at this lineup we’ve put together!

  9. is everyone listed on the guest list or will there be more announcements that havent been listed????

  10. How about a Beach Party (movies) reunion. More 60’s rock n roll groups.

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