Another Day, Another Fabulous Celebrity Addition!

Two months away from the February show and we’ve been busy!  Fourteen additional celebrities have joined the list of those making an appearance over Valentine’s Day weekend.  Stop by and visit with Edd Byrnes, Robert Colbert, James Darren, Ty Hardin, Henry Hill, Larry Manetti, Miss America Lee Meriweather, Cindy Morgan, Roger E. Mosley, Vincent Pastore, Rena Riffel, Golden Globe Award winner John Saxon, Frank Sivero, and Amber Smith.

Check back later for more exciting additions!

12 Responses to “Another Day, Another Fabulous Celebrity Addition!”

  1. Please bring back Linda Gray for the February 2010 show !

  2. Would love to, but I don’t think she’s available.

  3. You have to get Barbara Eden and Bill Daily for a I Dream of Jeannie Reunion with Larry Hagman.

  4. This will be my first time comming to los angeles and i will be attending hollywood show!!!!! I’m beyond excited about edward furlong and linda hamilton, awesome guest to have on hand………

    heres a few names i think that would be awesome to have at the show if you can get them………

    1. ed neal – the hitchhiker from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

    2. Adam west – batman

    3. ernie hudson – ghostbusters and oz

    4. Chuck Zito – Oz

    5. daniel baldwin – john carpenters vampires

    6. gary busey – zilver bullet

    7. e.g daily – peewees big adventure and the devils rejects

    8. michael berryman – hills have eyes

  5. so does that mean the guest that are listed on the website thats everybody who is attending or is there going to be more announcements up until the big day????

  6. I’m gonna piggyback on Trevor’s question. In the past, you have had 100 plus celebrities per show and this one is only at about 70, yet you have commented that the guest list is complete.

    Is that because of the time of year, the economy, or simply a change in your strategy regarding the number of celebrities you bring in to each show? Just curious.

  7. We’re waiting on confirmation from a few others, but otherwise it is complete. The decrease in celebrities is a change in direction that we’re testing on the February event.

  8. Tom Harris Says:

    What happened to Kitten Nativadad?
    And good add of Corey Feldman he should be fun to talk with.

  9. Tom Harris Says:

    My 5th year of going and it’s getting too expensive to keep traveling 3 hours for the cost of autographs and photos.
    After an autograph you now have to pay for a photo (with your camera) to have the memory keep sake. ouch. Paying for a photo only would be ok but both and my money i brought went fast.
    I hated the “NEW” way the curtins were done. You could not get around to get a photo, they mostly had to come out. It felt too confined. I did like curtin behind them seperating the rows. On Saturday Jnae Russell’s booth caused a real traffic jam tring to get around the line to see her.
    I will probly come again, but i am going to ask how much a picture “Before” i say i would like one.
    With this economy the way it is going i may not be able to afford to come.

  10. L2eetp Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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