A Note From The Hollywood Show’s Owners Kevin Martin and David Elkouby

We want to thank everyone who attended this past weekend’s show, and give special thanks to the media personnel from the Los Angeles Times, New York Post, and many more outlets for being so kind to us. 

For the first time, we had a real division among our guests on what to think of our new celebrity booth arrangement at the show.  We’d like to explain to you, the fans, how and why this came about.  Many studios are starting to realize the value we offer them in bringing you, their fans, to this show, and many of the large studios have entered into negotiations with us.  Several representatives from those studios were in attendance at our October, 2009 event.

When they were at the October event, with an eye towards allowing us to book even bigger and more current stars, they had a list of things they wanted to see us accomplish at future shows.  At the top of the list was the request to pipe and drape the celebrities’ tables like many, many other shows already do.  This was an expense we took on with no return and no financial backing for the thousands of dollars spent doing it.  We certainly didn’t enter into any change lightly.  We felt, and still feel, there is merit to us having done this but, even though we have e-mails from many of you who loved the booths, many of you didn’t like the restriction on visibility.

For that reason, and so the map given away free at the front of the convention center could be used as a guide to the stars, we didn’t move anything during the weekend’s event, but as they say, sometimes perception beats reality, as some of you thought the aisles were smaller, when in fact, they were actually larger!  We had eliminated over a dozen celebrity spaces inside the main ballroom to accommodate these changes.  The reason you felt so limited in space was quite simply because we had a record-shattering attendance of fans from all over the world, second only to the San Diego Comic Con in California.

While this of course pleased us, the celebrities, and many vendors, the fact remains we are still unhappy that some of you were unhappy, and to that end, we wanted to let you know the booth configurations as you saw them will not be back at future shows.  However, we do intend to spread our celebrities more evenly throughout the room so we can better handle the growing crowds and lines.  We will be adding more personnel to our next show for the purpose of stopping people from cutting in a line or chatting and holding up a line when they aren’t even buying anything from a celebrity.  That is something that can be done when no paying fans are waiting in line.

In some cases, we may have to limit how many items one person can have signed before having to get back into line.  Our Terminator line never stopped, and in fact, the stars incredibly stayed over an hour after the close of the show on Saturday to sign material and have photos taken.  We want to thank Ms. Linda Hamilton, Ms. Kristanna Loken, Mr. Robert Patrick, Mr. Michael Biehn, and Mr. Edward Furlong, as well as all of our other celebrities for their tireless dedication to their fans. 

Our next show is April 24th and 25th and already has several wonderful “first-timer” surprise celebrities coming along with, we hope, a much better room layout and line handling.

From all of us at The Hollywood Show, thank you, and happy collecting!


2 Responses to “A Note From The Hollywood Show’s Owners Kevin Martin and David Elkouby”

  1. Denise Hughes Says:

    I would like to say that this is my 1st show at the Hollywood Show for stars and I was quite impressed by all the huge celebrities attending. BUT I brought my brother and sister-in-law (this is their 6th time coming) and they were quite upset at the handeling of the preview Friday. We were waiting in line at the front of the entrance only to have it announced that the patrons at the hotel had to move to the RIGHT side by will call and form a new line. Everyone jumped ahead of us but my brother couldnt since he is disabled and cant wealk far. He uses a cane and so does my sister-in-law. Most everyone else cut in front of us and got in before us. Then they didnt have my name on their paper to get a wristband. After a while they found my name and gave me a wristband. My brother said things were so screwed up by this new show . Then to make matters worse some stars I came to see were put out in the halls with the dealers, never being with the other stars who were inside. I was really upset at this, as were other custers. Im glad I came Sunday to see my favorite star (Miguel Nunez). And he was inside! I hope this kind of feedback you will listen to as I came over 400 miles to bring my family to see their idols and get their autographs. Hopefully next year their will be no black screens to hide everyone individually! Thank you, Sincerely Denise Hughes

  2. I attended the show last week to write an article about the show (which will be online in a day or so), and had a great time.

    While the enclosed mini booths were not as open as in previous shows, I understand your trying them, and give you credit for trying something new.

    People have to remember, the only way to improve and grow is to try different things until you find what works best.

    To satisfy the studios, the fans, and guests, maybe a compromise with the enclosed booths only along the outer perimeter of the layout with the middle of the room open as in past shows would work.

    With the middle of the room open, fans can see who they want to visit, and would avoid their having to go up and down each isle to see who was in the individual booths, which in turn would lessen crowding.

    Those studios and guests that prefer the private individual booths would use the individual outer perimeter booths.

    No matter what, it is always good to try new things, and it is also good to listen to everyone’s input, which you are doing.

    Great job!

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