Announcing April’s First Cast Reunion

The Hollywood Show proudly announces the first cast reunion planned for our April event is

Cast members currently confirmed are Robert Picardo (Saturday only), Rachel Luttrel, Jewel Staite, and Torri Higginson.  More cast members will be announced as they are confirmed.

Also currently on the roster of those attending are Barbara Moore, Kitten Nativadad, Diane Franklin, Louise Robey, and Tom Lester.

4 Responses to “Announcing April’s First Cast Reunion”

  1. John Russell Says:

    Looking foward to the show in April!! Hopefully you can do a Predator reunion. That would be so sweet!! Thank you for the hardwork in getting fantastic guests to appear at your shows.

  2. OK, plane tickets are purchased, hotel and entrance tickets will be bought tonight, so I am confirmed and ready to put in my nickel’s worth. 😉
    With that, here is my wish list for April: Hayden Panatierre, Dina Meyer, Gretchen Mol, Kathleen Robertson, Linda Cardellini, Paige Turco, Rachel Hunter, Cheryl Tiegs, Susan Ward, Jamie Luner, and Yasmine Bleeth.
    You do a great job! Thanks for the forum for suggestions!

  3. Charlyn Sabo Says:

    I am so there …and my mom …. and my daughter….and a bunch of my friends. Haven’t missed but two shows since 1999 when I discovered this wonderful world of celebrities…

  4. adam white Says:

    glad good ole joe mannix mike conners will be in attendance,one of my all time favorite shows,i use to stay up to watch it as a kid,i’ll be there.

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