Paging Dr. Quinn Fans…

Fans of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman start making plans to join us at The Hollywood Show’s April event.  Joe Lando has just been confirmed for the weekend! 

Before anyone starts sending messages about the guest list, yes, we do know that we need to try getting Jane Seymour to appear too, and we’re already working on doing exactly that. 

We’ll keep you updated on any progress and look forward to seeing you April 24th and 25th!

5 Responses to “Paging Dr. Quinn Fans…”

  1. Wow, wish I still lived in California because I would love to meet Joe Lando once again… met him in 2004 and he is a very nice man. I would love to get an autograph pic. Is there a way for someone like myself who won’t be able to attend to get an autograph? For those who will be able to be there, you are so lucky to meet Joe.

  2. Charlyn Sabo Says:

    Oh My Heart be still….ALL the women in our family LOVE this wonderful actor…And he’s not bad on the eyes either. Looking forward to April…see ya then!

  3. Wow, I also wish I lived in California. I would love a Joe Lando autograph photo. Dr. Quinn is my favorite show. I hope they have another reunion in the near future. I would also like to meet Joe and Jane.

  4. Mona Martin Says:

    Joe Lando is such a great actor. I also wish I could see him in person.
    I hope to see him on televsion or the movies more . I would even
    like for him to be on Dancing With The Stars.

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