The Stars Just Keep Coming!

Here’s a quick update on the celebrities confirmed for The Hollywood Show’s April 24th and 25th event.  Joining us for the weekend are: Barbara Moore, Bo Hopkins, Bobby Burgess, Brian Peck, Candy Clark, Cubby O’Brien, Diane Franklin, Doreen Tracey, Fred Williamson, Henry Hill, James MacArthur, Jewel Staite, Jim Wise, Joanna Pacula, Joe Dellesandro, Joe Lando, Kelly LeBrock, Kevin McCarthy, Kimmy Robertson, Kitten Nativadad, Lawrence Monoson, Louise Robey, Lynne Marie Stewart, Mike Connors, Nicolas Hammond, Paul Lemat, Perry King, Rachel Luttrel, Robert Picardo (Saturday Only), Sean Young (Saturday Only), Stella Stevens, Steven R. Stevens, Tom Lester, Tommy Cole, Tommy Kirk, Torri Higginson, and Winifred Friedman.

More celebrities will be announced in the coming days, so check back to see who’s next!

23 Responses to “The Stars Just Keep Coming!”

  1. adam white Says:

    oh yes,they just keep coming,great looks like i’ll go again,thanks!

  2. Clint John Says:

    Is there any chance on getting a Donna Reed show reunion of Shelly Fabares and Paul Peterson together???

  3. Jeff Shanks Says:

    Not sure I would want to wait in his line but wouldn’t Ron Howard be a great addition to the AMERICAN GRAFFITI reunion? As would Richard Dreyfuss.
    May have to attend the show for Diane Franklin

  4. It would be great to see some younger celebrities for us fans under 40!

  5. Jeff Shanks Says:

    Karen-who would you like to see among younger celebrities? My concern with younger guests is attendance could double or triple and line-ups would be insane.

    Has anyone reading this attended a recent show, preferably the February show? I am curious what the attendance was like for the February show and what a typical wait in line was, especally for the more well know celebrities like Jane Russell or Ernest Borgnine?

    One name I’d like to toss in the hat is Ray Liotta. He’d be the perfect match for Henry Hill.

    • Hey Jeff, I would like to see any celebs from the past two decades from shows like Buffy, Angel, Charmed etc. I know you have had a couple of stars of these shows and it would be great to have more. It is nice seeing the older celebrities who are icons but some younger stars would probably bring in a new crowd of people under 40!

      • All great shows.
        I’d love to see additional Firefly cast. A Dead Like Me reunion would be awesome.
        I met Emma Caufield (Buffy) a few months ago, she was an absolute sweetheart and would make a fantastic guest.

    • The February event was fabulous! We broke every previous record for weekend attendance on just Saturday alone. The lines for Jane Russell and Ernest Borgnine were about a half hour. The lines that were truly astounding were the Terminator cast and Rita Moreno. Rita did exceedingly well and the Terminator cast actually stayed two hours past the end of the day on Saturday to finish signing for the people in line.

      We’re working on putting together something for the younger crowd and will keep you updated as things develop.

      • Tim Sharp Says:

        Hey guys,
        Any update on Hayden Panatierre appearing in April?

      • Hayden Panatierre? What an awesome addition she would be, I’ll book my airfare and hotel in a heartbeat if she is added.

  6. Any idea when you are going to ship autographed photos from Feb show ordered through your “Autograph Services” page? I have emailed 3 times and left a voicemail and never get a response. Maybe you read this blog.

    • Hello Larry,

      The owner who usually takes care of getting all of the photos sent out was called to the East Coast on an emergency the day after the show. He’s just gotten back to his office, and I’m sure will be getting caught up on things ASAP. In the meantime, I’ll send a note to let him know you’re waiting on material.

      All the best,

      • Tim Sharp Says:

        Hey Judith,
        Any reason there hasn’t been an update on here in several months? Just wondering if there was any good news coming on the July show or anything going on that would be news for us?

  7. Upset to have missed the last show, but had to work. Any chance Donna Mills will do another show? And of course always hoping for Lee Majors

  8. John R. Says:

    I saw that Charles Martin Smith was up on the website for a minute or two and now it is gone.. What Happened!? Also looking to see if Mr.Olmos will be added for the Blade Runner reunion??

  9. My wife and I fly over from Australia for one or two shows a year. We know it’s important to have movie & TV celebs from all eras, but we especially love seeing the ‘Old Hollywood’ stars. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it for Jane R & Ernest B in February but we’re looking forward to seeing, eg, Cloris Leachman, Kevin McCarthy, Mike Connors & James Macarthur next month. The queues for ‘golden oldies’ show us that there’s still a huge interest in stars of the 1940s-1960s and even earlier. These people are part of movie history and are gradually disappearing. Let’s enjoy the company of those who remain & are willing to attend!

    • Australia? Wow, now I feel so insignificant just flying in from Canada 🙂
      I agree, I love the current format of mostly older celebrities. I’m only 44 but my favorite films are mostly from the 50’s and 60’s and TV from the 70’s. I hope to make the April show to meet Stella Stevens, Cloris Leachman (loved her in Young Frankenstein), Tommy Kirk and Kevin McCarthy (among so many others).
      I’d love to see cast reunions of my 2 favorite shows from the 70’s-Emergency! and The Love Boat. I’d also love to see more actors from the classic (and not so classic) 50’s horror/sci fi such as Ann Robinson, Julie Adams, Jimmy Hunt and Billy Gray.

  10. Any chance of Kevin Corcoran appearing? He was a huge part of Disney shows/movies in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Tommy Kirk and James MacArthur are already scheduled to appear and I would love it if you could add their “little brother” and have a Swiss Family Robinson reunion. “Moochie” played Tommy Kirk’s brother in five different films and is largely associated with the Mickey Mouse Club. I hope he is free in April to make a highly anticipated appearance. Please let us know. Thank you!!!

  11. Will you be adding anymore names to the American Graffiti reunion?? Will you be adding any more names to the Blade Runner reunion??
    Please say yes to both and let us know who you will be adding..
    Thank you.

  12. This will be my first time attending this show. Could someone please give me a heads-up as to what to expect? Do I need to purchase what I want autographed ahead of time? Am I allowed to take my own pictures? How long am I allowed to speak to a celebrity before having to move on? Do I have to move ae or can I move about as I please? This is sooooo exciting!!!!

  13. Congrats to the Hollywood Show in securing Ryan & Tatum O’Neal – I’m sure they’ll be a great drawcard! As they co-starred in 2 great Bogdanovich ‘nostalgia’ movies – Paper Moon & Nickelodeon – is there any chance of a reunion event around one or both movies?

    Paper Moon also had Randy Quaid and John Hillerman of course, while Nickelodeon included Stella Stevens (already attending in April), Burt Reynolds and Harry Carey Jnr.

    Any of these additions would well-received by fans.

    • WOW!!! These shows just get better and better. Question: will there be a “Karate KId” montage of all the actors at the show available to purchase for them to sign?Llike the one that was available for the Terminator guests at the last show.
      Also….would love to see Barbara Eden and June Lockhart at one of your shows. You do a spectacular job!!!

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