Merlin Olsen – 1941-2010

Pro Football Hall of Famer and television actor Merlin Olsen died of cancer last night in a Los Angeles hospital at age 69.

On the football field, Olsen, along with Deacon Jones, Lamar Lundy and Rosey Grier were the Rams’ “Fearsome Foursome” defensive line known for either stopping or knocking backward whatever offenses it faced. The Rams set an NFL record for the fewest yards allowed during a 14-game season in 1968.  Olsen was rookie of the year for the Rams in 1962 and is still the Rams’ all-time leader in career tackles with 915. He was named to 14 consecutive Pro Bowls, a string that started his rookie year.

Following his retirement, Olsen established himself as a television actor with a role on Little House on the Prairie, then starring in his own series, Father Murphy, from 1981 to 1983 and the short-lived Aaron’s Way in 1988.

Our thoughts are with Mr. Olsen’s family, friends, co-workers, and teammates.


One Response to “Merlin Olsen – 1941-2010”

  1. adam white Says:

    geez never seen so many stars passing away in the last 2 months…god bless them all

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