Wanna Win A Brand New Boat?

Now here’s something that doesn’t come along every day!  Former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher and country music artist Jim Wise has just released his first book titled Catfish.  As an exclusive promotion for the book’s release, Jim is going to give away a brand new Bass Tracker Boat!

He’ll be appearing at the April show to sign copies of Catfish as well as his CDs, but you can get entered early.  Just go to Jim’s website at www.wisecountry.com to purchase a copy of Catfish and follow the instructions to register for the boat.  He’ll be giving it away at The Hollywood Show’s October event.  Good luck!

2 Responses to “Wanna Win A Brand New Boat?”

  1. I will be at the show and I wish to buy a copy of “Catfish”. I am looking forward to it.

    Also, I note Bobby Burgess, James MacArthur, and John Wesley Shipp’s bios are missing on the list of attendees. I am sure you are getting to them, but just want to remind you, as I am sure you will pull in more people if you tell customers a bit more about them.

  2. Tim Sharp Says:

    Any word on Hayden appearing in April?

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