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… and I get a KICK outta you!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 25, 2010 by hollywoodshow

Today was the first of two glorious and fun-filled days at The Hollywood Show being held at The Marriott Convention Center in Burbank.

So many wonderful celebrities came out and they all looked GREAT!  At 100, Carla Laemmle is as sharp as a tack and when I asked her how she does it she attributed her fitness to being a Buddhist.  If you didn’t see her today, don’t miss out on getting in a chat and an autograph with her tomorrow!

Truly, everyone looked so good and it was so much fun to see them having fun and meeting their fans.  Many fans attended and everyone was getting a kick out of meeting someone different so I decided to go around and ask the celebrities who they got a kick out of seeing at the show.

When I asked Barbara Feldon, she immediately shot back “KAYE BALLARD!”   (Kaye was actually quite popular in my little unofficial poll and her biggest kick from the day was getting to see Ann Rutherford.)

Miriam Margolyes who plays Professor Sprout in the HARRY POTTER series of films said that she got a kick out of seeing Millie Perkins because of her performance in the title role of THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK.  Sitting next to Miriam was the ever-beautiful Judy Geeson (“To Sir, With Love” and “Mad About You” among many credits) said that she got a kick out of seeing Ty Hardin with whom she starred in the movie “Berzerk” along with Joan Crawford.

Many of the celebrities were most happy about getting to see people they had worked with or been friends with from many years ago.  Little Joe Micale said he got a kick out of seeing the prolific Coleen Gray (who’s first movie was “State Fair” in 1945) noting, “We go back to the mid-70’s!”

Steve Moriarty said that Tom Hatten‘s role of hosting “Popeye” helped him “grow up out here” and Jamie Rose was adorable as she exclaimed that seeing Diane Baker in the film “Krakatoa: East of Java” was pivotal for her as a young girl growing up.

Diane Baker said “Robert Fuller.  He was darling then and he is just as darling now.  So handsome.”

It was really fun to see them all light up remembering fun stories as they bumped into each other.  Jennifer Edwards said that it was most fun for her to see Don Murray “but even more fun to see his son, Chris, who threw me in the pool on my 13th birthday with my new outfit on!”  (Sorry, Chris – she’s not forgiving you, but she did have a smile the whole time she was telling the story.)

There were a couple of “mutual admirations” in Mamie Van Doren & Carla Laemmle and Tahnee Welch & Richard Roundtree (although his biggest kick was Gloria Hendry “because we started out modeling together in New York”) and many got a kick out of seeing Peter Marshall the most.

Cerina Vincent said, “I’m obsessed with Caroline Munro and Martine Beswick!”  And Apollonia said, “Oh, Barbara Feldon.  Agent 99.  She’s HOT!”

At the end of the day, after signing so many autographs, Ms. Ann Rutherford said, “EVERYBODY!”  And, frankly my dear … I’d have to agree.  It was a real kick to see them ALL!